Monday, 3 August 2020

Confidence Boost with Boots | AD


I think it would be fair to say that we're living in really strange times at the moment and like nothing any of us have ever experienced before. Life has been very different and everything has taken some getting used to. I'll be honest and say i've had many ups and downs over the past few months. I'm sure many of you can relate! Mixed moments of contentment followed by tears and then laughter. Personally I feel the uncertainty has left me feeling somewhat deflated and, after living like a hermit for months, my confidence levels haven't been great. 

I've always been an advocate for self care and doing the things in life that bring me the most happiness and this has been even more important to me in recent times. I've really tried to tune into what simple things in life help me to feel good on both the inside and out.     

Being Active 

If ever i'm feeling the need for a little boost my first port of call is always either to go for a swim or a walk with my dogs in nature. I can almost guarantee that this always boosts my mood and confidence, particularly if i'm listening to my favourite tunes along the way! I've never really been a gym person but i've found what works for me. Exercise and staying active is so important to both my personal confidence levels and my mental health. Recently, and since spending a lot more time at home, i've also grown to enjoy home workout's more and more. 


It's very rare that I go a day without wearing makeup and it's something which always boosts my confidence levels and has me feeling my best. I've often envied people who are confident without wearing makeup but i've come to accept that everyones different and I don't need to change who I am. Makeup is an absolute must for me and it's actually something I enjoy applying and experimenting with. Of course I have days where I don't wear any but I only ever feel the best version of myself with my face made up, even if it's just a simple minimal look! 

Sun Tan 

It's amazing what a bit of sun kissed colour to my skin does for my self esteem and confidence. I often usually like to go away on holiday early in the Summer season but having not been able to do that this year I found myself feeling quite pale and pasty. This Spring & Summer i've turned to fake tan to give me that little boost i've so desperately needed and it's really helped to put back a little spring back in my step! I've particularly enjoyed using a fake tan for face product which gives my skin a beautiful sun kissed colour and just makes me feel more well in myself. As someone who is naturally quite olive skinned I certainly feel it when i'm missing my usual tan. 


I think the key to feeling confident in yourself is feeling comfortable and that's why clothes are also so important to me. If i'm not happy with what i'm wearing it can really impact on my mood and my entire day. I've tried to streamline my wardrobe so that it only contains all of the items I really love and I find that this helps me in avoiding making any bad decisions when it comes to choosing what to wear. 

Having self confidence is something I think most of us struggle with and it's certainly not easy to be confident all of the time, particularly during challenging times. That being said, I think we all know the little things that help to boost our own spirits and confidence levels. 

What helps to boost your confidence? 
I'd love to hear some of your own tips!

This post is an advertisement feature with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Why It’s Smarter To Buy A Used Car | AD

I’ve always been someone who loves the experience and feel of a brand new car but there’s no denying that driving a brand new car off a forecourt ultimately costs you a lot of money. Most brand new cars depreciate significantly as soon as you drive them for the first time and will continue to depreciate quickly throughout ownership, up to around 30% in the first year alone. Buying a used car will ultimately save you a lot of money in several ways and if you’re on a budget this is definitely going to be the best option for you.  

Monday, 6 April 2020

The Secret To Healthy Houseplants | AD

My houseplant collection is my pride and joy and taking care of all 60 of them is something I take great pleasure in. Yes, like most people, I've had some casualties over the years but for the most part my plants have thrived in our home and my collection has just got bigger and bigger. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Keep Safe With Regular Tyre Quality Checks | AD

Keep safe with regular tyre quality check.
If you are travelling on a trip with your family, and in between the journey you are left stranded due to tyre puncture, you will definitely think what went wrong when all the checks were done before leaving for a trip. This can be due to poor quality tyres or you might not have monitored your tyres for basic quality checks. Ever wondered what causes wear and tear in the quality of your car tyres?  
If you are living in a busy town like Basildon, you might need to keep a proper check on your tyre quality as your vehicle tyres are likely to come in contact with different road terrain and in some cases unpredictable pot holes. Following are some tips that can help keep the quality of your tyres up to mark for a longer time period. require quality tyres. 
If you want to make sure that your car tyres perform well in the long run, you need to see that they have a balanced air pressure in them. By balanced air pressure it means that they are not over inflated or underinflated. In case your car tyres are overinflated it means there is excessive air pressure in them and there are high chances that they might burst if they come in contact with a sudden road bump or pot hole. Having less amount of air pressure in the tyres can cause them to flatten out and increasing the risk of tyre punctures in between your trips.
Another important note is to check that you are buying tyres from good quality brands. You should know that good tyre brands use standard quality rubber and materials in tyre production so that they do not wear and tear quickly from getting in contact with different road terrains. The stronger the material your tyre is made of the better it will perform. If your top priority is quality when buying tyres, then you should check with trusted local companies. For example, Essex and other parts like Basildon have garages that operate locally and even provide tyre fittingsJet Wheel Tyre is one such place for choosing the right car tyres in Basildon and nearby localities.
Added to this, checking the tread depth of the tyre is also an important tyre quality check. Tread depth protects the tyre from getting damaged of sharp materials like sharp stones or other materials harming the rubber of the tyre. It also protects the tyres from entering of excessive water. The tread depth should be 1.6mm according to vehicle laws, this is the standard measure keeping your cars tyres protected.
These checks will not only keep the quality of your tyres good but will also help you have a safe driving experience. Having good quality tyres will keep you and your family safe if you are going on a long road trip and want to have a pleasant trip throughout without unexpected halts in between.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Giant Houseplant Takeover at RHS Wisley

My love of houseplants and all things botanical continues and has been intensified even more so since my recent visit to The Giant Houseplant Takeover at RHS Wisley last week. If ever there was a perfect escape away from the gloomy February weather, storms and Winter blues it's this! 

Monday, 27 January 2020

Make The Switch To Ethical Skincare in 2020 | AD

It's a new year, a new decade and maybe time for a new skincare regime? You could be looking to make the switch to cruelty free products in 2020 or perhaps you're looking to shop more ethically and environmentally friendly? Either way, I think you'll be interested in hearing about Outback Organics!


Thursday, 23 January 2020

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Passage Foods | AD

We all know that when it comes to cooking, I am all about ease and convenience. Whilst my husband really enjoys getting creative in the kitchen and experimenting with recipes for hours on end, I am much more of a throw it all in the oven and be ready in 20 minutes kind of woman! When I’m hungry and ready for dinner nothing pains me more than having to wait around for hours to eat.

Monday, 6 January 2020

CABÜ By The Sea

I always love kicking off a new year with a little break away somewhere and this year has been no different! After seeing many bloggers recently promoting their idyllic stays at Cabü I admit to being well and truly influenced into booking a mini break there for ourselves. If ever there was evidence that social influencing works this would be it! 
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