Monday, 22 June 2015

Photo An Hour #1

Recently my colleague, friend and fellow blogger Jane from the Is That You Darling blog told me about a regular online event that she takes part in called 'Photo An Hour'. I had never heard of this before and I was instantly intrigued! It basically means that on a certain date you take part in by posting a photo an hour of what you're doing exactly at the time on the hour every hour - whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or your blog. 

It initially sounded like a challenge but one that I definitely wanted to give a go! So I penned the date in my diary and set alarms on the hour for Saturday 20th June 2015 to ensure that I remembered to take a snap every hour. 

So here's how my day panned out in photos! .....

9am ~ Woke up and this was my first sight! One foot out of the bed - naturally! And my lovely little Bappy the chihuahua by my side in his usual spot.

10am ~ By now I had been awake an hour, browsing my phone and chatting to my husband and this is when the dogs got restless and started to let us know that they wanted to get up! Still it was lovely to have a lie in. 

11am ~ I moved in my PJ's to my living room and resumed snuggles with my pets over a lovely marmalade on french bread & green tea breakfast! This was when I also announced to my husband by the above 'Happy Bear Day' card what his first birthday surprise of the week was to be! A trip to the Roof Top Cinema Club in Startford that evening to see Top Gun. We were both pretty excited! Oh and the bear card is because the term 'Bear' is our little nicknames to each other - don't ask me why! It just kinda stuck. 

12pm ~ By this point I had showered and was attempting to get ready quick enough so as to not lose a whole afternoon! This is a little snap of my make up drawers in my dressing room.

1pm ~ By now we were on our dog walk. The weather was nice and warm so we decided to take the dogs down the Halstead river walk which they love!

2pm ~ Aka Pimms O'clock! By now we had dropped the dogs at home and moved into our local pub for some drinks and a spot of lunch. In my opinion a fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

3pm ~ By this point we were on our walk back home via the very pretty and quaint Halstead Public Gardens. I do love a bit of bunting! 

4pm ~ We felt surprisingly tired by this point and decided that we needed a post lunch nap. We popped Game of Thrones on the TV and pretty much fell asleep as soon as it started! 

5pm ~ My alarm to take a photo woke me up from the best nap! But I am glad it did as we had to start getting ready for our evening ahead - which meant waking up this sleepy bunch! 

6pm ~ Dogs had been fed and put to bed, we had spruced ourselves up and it was time to get ready to leave the house. This was just a snap of what I was taking with me for the evening. 

7pm ~ On the road! I thought if I was going to do a boring car snap I may as well be in it! I am not usually one for a selfie but as I was trying out my glasses which I never wear so I thought it was the ideal time for one. I really do need to start wearing them more because a. they cost a lot of money and b. they help me to see. 

8pm ~ Arrived at the Roof Top Film Club at Roof East in Stratford. Everything was a little damp from where it had been raining most of the afternoon in London. This was a real shame to be honest as it really would have been an amazing location to be if the sun had been shining. It was still pretty cool though and we were excited for our first roof top film experience!

9pm ~ We'd taken our seats and with popcorn at the ready the film was about to start. I think it was at this point I did start to feel a little cold and damp. They did provide us with some nice fleece blankets which helped but I could feel myself getting progressively more chilly despite all my layers. I absolutely loved the retro popcorn carton and actually saved it, like the geek I am, for my office wall! 

10pm ~ By this point the movie - Top Gun - was in full swing and I was beginning to enjoy the sight of Tom Cruise topless! I haven't seen Top Gun in so long it was like watching it from fresh again which I am glad about as it kept it exciting for me. I had kinda forgotten what a hottie Tom was back in the day and I also really loved the soundtrack to this movie.

11pm ~ The film had just ended so I took the opportunity to take a snap of the London sky line at night. It was time to head home and to bed!

I was going to post another pic at 12am but to be honest the car was so dark on the way home it really wouldn't have been a very exciting photo so I thought i'd rather end my #photoanhour on a good note! 

I took part on Twitter throughout the whole day and then when it was a nicer photo I also added it to my Instagram

I really enjoyed taking part in Photo An Hour and found that it really made me appreciate every hour of the day! In a lot of ways I feel like it made the day go slower for me as I was taking note of every hour that passed which actually made a nice change as I hate it when the day just flies by and you feel like you haven't achieved anything. I thought it was going to be really difficult and I was pretty sure I was going to miss an hour but I think setting my alarm helped a lot otherwise I would have lost track. 

When I took a look at the hashtag #photoanhour it did make me smile as it was so nice to just see the  really normal things that people were getting up to within their day.

I would say that this was a good day for me as it was a mixed bag of the first part of the day just being like any regular weekend day for me but then going out on a proper date night in the evening doesn't happen every week unfortunately so it was cool that I was able to show both sides of my life, from the relatively mundane to the more exciting! 

Anyone can take part in #photoanhour. The next date to get snapping is on Saturday 18th July 2015!
I'm already looking forward to it and seeing what you all get up to :-) 

Sarah x



  1. This looks like so much fun!! I think I will be doing it on the 18th July and your dogs look so cute!! :) xx

  2. I finally got around to blogging my update - you are much more organised than me :)

    I have tickets to an outdoor cinema event sometime this summer, but I think the idea of it is probably preferable to the reality - I might not even end up going! :)

    1. Ooh I'll take a look Jane! Oh how comes about the cinema? It's such good fun! X


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