Tuesday, 14 April 2015

RSPCA Danaher Animal Home Appeal

RSPCA Danaher Animal Home in Essex are currently running an urgent appeal for tinned dog food. 

I saw their request on Facebook and it instantly struck a chord with me and it was upsetting to think that their poor rescue dogs were running low on food. I immediately went to shops and purchased some multipacks of wet dog food for them and I also raided my cupboards for any dog food that my two have for some reason disliked. 

This morning I took a trip up to the animal home to deliver my small selection of dog food and they were so grateful. They told me that they were desperate for donations as they used up one of their last tins of dog food yesterday. It made me feel so sad for all the animals there but at the same time extremely rewarding to be able to help and offer them something. 

This has motivated me to do whatever I can over the coming weeks to support this animal home. I am therefore asking friends, family and blog readers to consider making a donation.

There are a number of ways that you can do this:

  • If you're local to Essex then you can make a visit to Danaher to deliver some dog food in person.
  • Please raid your own cupboards to see if you have any unwanted dog food which you don't mind giving to them as I am sure they will really appreciate it. 
  • If you have bought or found any dog food that you would like to donate then you also have the option to deliver to my home so that I can take it there on my next trip. Just email me for more details.
  • Alternatively you can donate via PayPal to: mrssarahkirby@hotmail.co.uk and I will be making several trips to buy dog food and deliver it to Danaher. 
  • You can also donate directly to Danaher Animal Home and the RSPCA here.

Anyone who donates directly to me will get a very special mention on social media and I will be posting regular photos on Instagram and Twitter of everything that I buy with your money. 

Whilst I was dropping some food off this morning I took the opportunity to take a look around Danaher and to see for myself some of the amazing work that they are doing. 

At present they have a number of small animals, cats and dogs that are looking for a home so if you are interested in rehoming a pet then please get in touch with them or make a visit to the home where you can view the animals in person. 

It really is a lovely and homely set up at Danaher and it was so clear to see how well all of the animals here are looked after. It is so heart warming to see the hard work that goes into keeping an animal home running and I am hoping to be able to volunteer some of my own spare time to lending a helping hand. 

These are some of the cute little kitties I met within their cat sanctuary and it was hard to not shed a tear whilst walking round. I really wanted to be able to offer them a cuddle and a game.

Danaher have so many dogs currently needing a home. It was the first time I have been to see shelter dogs up close in person and I couldn't help but feel sad and  think about what a blessed life my two dogs have with me. As I wondered around looking at them it felt good to know that although I am unable to offer them a home I have been able to make a difference to their lives by donating to the home.

Within the small animals shelter there were also a number of rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and budgies all looking for homes too. I think if you are considering buying a pet for your family then you should definitely consider adopting from the RSPCA opposed to buying from a pet shop. There are too many unwanted pets in these places that deserve loving homes. 

It has been such a moving and heartwarming experience to spend some time at Danaher today and it really is eye opening to see in person the amazing job that animal rescue homes do. 

It would mean so much if you could help me with this cause and show your support by making a donation of any kind.  £3.50 is enough to buy 6 big tins of food and hopefully you can consider sparing this for such a meaningful cause. 

Sarah x


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