Sunday, 22 March 2015

Tiny Wishes

I have always loved wish bracelets and especially giving them as gifts to my friends. 

If you are not familiar with the idea of a 'wish bracelet' then its pretty simple....
They are delicate string bracelets which usually feature a charm and a message of some description. 
The idea is that you make a wish when you tie your bracelet on and legend has it that when your bracelet naturally breaks off your wish will then come true!

Ok, maybe a little far fetched you're possibly thinking, but still the sentiment is a positive one. Also if something helps to gives us a little hope, belief and ambition then surely there's nothing wrong with that. 

I also like to think of wish bracelets as a daily little reminder of what it is we're striving towards in life. Every time I look down at my wrist I am reminded of my wishes and dreams and maybe subconsciously that motivates me further towards my desired destination. 

If you'd like to get making some wishes yourself then check out the online shop by Tiny Wishes. They have some really pretty designs and charming packaging, making them the perfect little presents. 

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