Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Vegan Life Magazine

Today I finally got my paws on a copy of Vegan Life magazine! The UK's first and only vegan consumer magazine.

My first reaction to this magazine when I picked it up in WHSmiths today was that it feels amazing! Yes that's right - it feels amazing! It's different to any other magazine I've picked up before, it feels like a high quality matte finish brochure you'd get in a luxury sales room. I was excited to get home to get beneath the cover!

Today I get so much of my information from the Internet and social media, it has almost taken away the need to buy magazines anymore. Yet I find there to be something quite therapeutic about going out to buy a magazine, coming home and putting your feet up and having a good read about something that you're really interested in. It feels like a refreshing break from looking at my phone or laptop screen and it definitely promotes some 'me time' away from other stresses.

Within its 100 well laid out pages, this contemporary magazine covers a lot of diverse topics ranging from vegan recipes, beauty, lifestyle, health, nutrition, events and special interesting features. I was particularly interested to see an article in this issue about the rescued moon bears of China. I also really enjoyed the 'activist burnout' feature which offers some top tips for dealing with the stress of the struggle of animal activism.

Unlike with other magazines, the advertisements do not bother me. In fact the more the merrier! And I guess that's the difference between when you're reading a general magazine, or one that's really focused on your interests. I'm already looking into the vegan pet food advertised!

The Editor of Vegan Life, Chris Moore, says that he would like this magazine to be the 'ultimate resource on all things vegan'. I believe it's already succeeding at this as at present there is no other publication purely dedicated to the vegan lifestyle. I get my information on all things vegan from a vast variety of sources and more often than not I come across things by accident on Twitter, Instagram, blogs and via word of mouth. It's quite comforting to know that we now have this publication which is tastefully bringing together a bit of everything vegan into one easily accessible format.

A yearly subscription to Vegan Life magazine costs £24.50. This would save you 35% off the £3.95 per issue price and is well worth thinking about, especially as they're giving away an Acorelle natural perfume with every subscription worth £15.


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